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All treatments can be tailored to the individual and prices agreed on request. Courses of treatments can be booked in advance and discounted prices will be given.

Initial Consultation          £5
allow an extra 15 mins.

Treatment 1 hour            £50  
Reflexology is a complementary healing technique that focuses on the feet. Your feet are home to hundreds of nerve endings. Reflexology is based on the principle that these nerve endings—called zones or reflex areas—correspond to all the different glands, organs, and internal and external systems of the human body.
Reflexology practitioners believe that by applying pressure to the feet, or sometimes the hand or ear, it can stimulate a healing process in a part of the body at some distance from the point of treatment. Each part of the body is represented by a specific reflex area, usually on the foot.
All reflexologists share the same core belief about how reflexology helps the body heal. They believe that the body becomes imbalanced when it is under stress or fighting illness. These imbalances can cause the body to become sicker and unable to combat stress. 

What are the benefits and effects of Reflexology?
Reflexology aims to benefit the body, mind, emotions and spirit.
The effects of reflexology are unique to each person.  Most people experience a sense of wellbeing and relaxation, others find it uplifting and energising.  For some, symptoms may worsen before they improve.  This is called the 'healing process’.  It indicates that the body is beginning to eliminate toxins and starting to heal itself.
I will provide you with an Aftercare leaflet detailing all possible reactions and what advice to follow to gain full benefit from the treatment.

The lasting effects of reflexology treatment will vary but may include:
Increase in energy
Strengthened senses
More positive outlook on life
Calmer reactions to stressful situations
Revitalized sense of self

Everyone’s reaction to reflexology is different yet as part of a healthy lifestyle, you may want to consider having a series of reflexology treatments annually.

PLEASE NOTE - Gentlemen by referral only please.

Studies have been done to try to quantify the positive effects of reflexology, but it is not a scientifically proven healing method. Nonetheless, it is safe, preventative, gentle, and non-invasive, and many patients find that it can enhance overall health. Always keep in mind that reflexology is not intended as—and should not be used as—a substitute for conventional medical care.


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